Client’s Custom Built Home

Client’s Custom Built Home

Licker Geospatial Office

Licker Geospatial Office

3D Rendering of Future kitchen

3D Rendering of Future kitchen

Completed bathroom

Completed bathroom

Janice O’Sullivan & Phil Cotterrill

“We have worked closely with Lindsay for well over two years while building our house and have been very impressed with her creativity, resourcefulness and attention to detail. Her tireless enthusiasm and ability to solve many of the issues that surfaced during construction was crucial to the success of our project. Lindsay has an ability to think outside of the box and is quick to find solutions.

We also valued Lindsay’s positive and inexhaustible attitude towards the project. A true pleasure to work with; open to suggestions and truly listened to what we wanted the tone of the house to be.”

- Janice and Phil

Licker Geospatial Consulting Co.

“Lindsay was extremely helpful for me when I launched my new office space.

From specifying furniture to choosing paints to even installing our light cover, her attention to detail and eye for design makes our spaces extremely enjoyable to work in.

Despite having a very small space, her design makes the best use of the office layout and we have not changed a thing since we moved in early 2019.

I would not hesitate to recommend Lindsay for any job and would be pleased to show off my space in East Vancouver.”

-Aaron Licker

Principal Licker Geospatial Consulting Co.

Noah & Lani Brunn

"We’d been living in our open-concept concrete loft for 5 years when we decided we were ready to finally modernize it and improve some things that had always bugged us about the space. However, in our redesign plans, we were hampered by only knowing the space in it’s original layout. We couldn’t see past the existing design, and were only able to see ways to improve what was there already.

Lindsay could see our space for what it could be, and it started by resetting to a blank canvas. She challenged our assumptions, stretched our comfort zones, and saw the space with a fresh perspective only possible with an experienced objective view.

Together we modeled and remodeled the final design on the computer until we knew we had it right. Things started to line up. Spaces opened up. Lines were cleaner. Storage was more functional. Intangibles emerged.   And we’re now close to wrapping up the construction and process of bringing it all to fruition.

I highly suggest an opportunity to consult with Lindsay on your next remodel project. I suspect she’ll carefully review your thoughts, plans, inspirations, and then turn your existing assumptions on their head. I can tell you that without her help, our budget would have been the same, but the final results would only have been half as functional and beautiful as what has emerged with her help.”

-Noah & Lani

Britt & Scott Kirkpatrick

“This renovation seemed to be impossible at times but Lindsay took care of it all. Her design ideas, organization of trades and construction knowledge all came through to create a beautiful yet functional bathroom for our family of 4…and to top it off she’s such a pleasure to work with!

If your looking for a change within your home but are not exactly sure how to achieve it Lindsay is your lady”

-Britt & Scott